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What Does it mean to be Xeno?

Anthony Prato

The New Xenoil Logo as of August 2019

The New Xenoil Logo as of August 2019

Two years ago today, Xenoil, LLC was created to change the way the manufacturing industry looks at oil based products and plastics. When the company was created, a huge question arose that we could only begin to answer after these two long years. What does it mean to be Xeno? All of our products are named it and even our company uses it. In a dictionary, the prefix “Xeno” means to be alien or come from a different place.

This is what it means to Xenoil:

By creating products that are completely alien and revolutionary to the industry, changing the way others might view plastics recycling as it has always been seen — inferior, dirty and cheap. In really it is an inexpensive way to reduce expenses, and support local businesses. Many recycling companies have very limited range, due to their size, so when a manufacturer is able to begin using recycled materials they are supporting a company that is typically very close to them physically rather than a large chemical factory potential on even another continent. To be Xeno is to be different, against the grain and think outside of the box of virgin material. Everything can be recycled if we look hard enough and one of the biggest players in this are oil based products. Plastics, resins and other petrochemical compounds have been seen as disposable, instead of repurposable. Starting with plastics which is the largest contributor of oil based waste, we can create new innovative products that change the way that “non-recyclable” can be recycled finally and we can look towards the future with creating construction materials that would be able to be generated with little to no virgin materials. to be Xeno, is to be alien. To be alien is to be able to change the world.