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404 Keystone Road
Southampton, PA, 18966
United States



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Xenoil, LLC was created to change the way industry thinks about products with recycled content. We look at industrial products used in manufacturing and the construction industries to find better and cleaner ways to reuse important materials that have always been deemed “non-recyclable”. All of the products we focus in have either been created using or derived from oil; one of the most crucial and controversial resources we have. With so many forms of waste generated by it and an increasing need for it, oil needs to be seen as a renewable resource and that where Xenoil strives to create the idea of Xerowaste and recycling the “non-recyclable”.


Earth-Friendly Practices

Every Product that we produce has some amount of recycled content in. whether it’s our machinable wax that uses 40% recycled plastics or our 3D printing filament which is 100% recycled with recyclable packaging, we are striving to change industry’s vision of recycling practices.

Resourceful Innovation

When looking into or creating new materials we start with recycled or underutilized waste materials. Any oil based product can be looked and recycled just like paper, glass and metal, the methods just need to be developed and Xenoil is becoming apiomeer a pioneer in these methods.

Universal Impact

A simple step, like changing an industry’s view on a resource, can have huge impacts in many industries. And, since the petrochemical industry is integral in most other industries it can have a huge impact for the world. At Xenoil we are looking to create this change and push it forward into the spotlight.